9 Money Saving Tips for Your Next Caribbean Vacation

Traveling with a budget?

As fear, uncertainty, doubt about the economy dwell on the minds of travelers, there are some simple and effective ways to save money on your upcoming trips to the Caribbean. Fun in the sun doesn’t have to mean you have hurt your pockets!

Embark on your Caribbean adventure without breaking the bank with these savvy tips from Bacchanal Travel:

  1. Choose islands with more flight options like Jamaica and Dominican Republic for cheaper airfares. Some island destinations are more affordable than others. Consider doing your research and seeing which island suits you best.
  2. Off-Peak Perks: Travel during the off-season to enjoy lower prices and quieter beaches. Traveling on off season times can greatly reduce airfare and hotel costs. Local attractions will also tend be cheaper as well.
  3. All-Inclusive Escapes: Stay in all-inclusive resorts for upfront pricing and potential flight packages. All-inclusive packages also come with meal plans that can save a lot of food costs. Also, the sheer number of activities at a resort can reduce the need for costly attractions in the area.
  4. Cruise Control: Island-hop affordably on a Caribbean cruise, with meals and sights included. A cruise ship is the ultimate mobile all-inclusive adventure. Bacchanal Travel recommends cruises for the traveler who wants the most bang for their buck.
  5. Haggle with Heart: Engage in local culture by bargaining at markets and shops for better deals. Some local merchants will give a deal if you are tactful enough and show willingness to engage in the sale.
  6. Local Eats, Local Prices: Dine where the locals do for authentic experiences and budget-friendly meals. Prices are usually marked up in tourist centric eateries. Off the path spots are more affordable as they cater to the everyday locals.
  7. Tipping Tactics: Understand tipping customs to avoid overpaying at restaurants and hotels. Have an idea what are the typical and appropriate amounts that the locals are used to. A lot of tips are already factored in some resorts and restaurants. For the budget conscious traveler, practicing average tipping can save some extra for other things.
  8. Public Thrift: Considering using public transport over taxis for cheaper rides around the islands. Local busses and trains are made to be more cost effective. Always keep in mind the safety aspects when traveling with public methods.
  9. Pack Light, Save Big: Cut down on luggage to dodge extra airline fees and keep costs in check. Do you really need to bring your entire wardrobe for a week long trip? One less bag may make the difference when comes to planning that extra activity or meal.

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